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Saturday, November 7

7:15am PST

7:30am PST

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8:30am PST

The Playground Media Center Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons: Take your Google Experience into Hyperdrive! Room 461 Awesome Formative Assessments Room 460 Bring Your Classroom to Life with Augmented Reality! Room 400 Building a Culture of Innovation Room 430 Coding for Educators Room 330 Crack Your Egg! Room 361 Developing School Value With Tech Integration Room 440 Engaging Students as Citizen Scientists: Apps, Data, and the Outdoors Room 350 Google Classroom: Getting Started and Lessons Learned Room 321 Google Drawings to Create Customized Classroom Resources Room 322 Google Drive for Elementary Classrooms Room 320 Infographics as Creative Assessment Room 351 Literature Circle Blogs: Reading, Writing, and Collaboration! Room 421 Personalizing Learning Through Voice, Choice, and Authenticity Room 341 Project Based Learning Goes On A Journey North Room 441 Promoting Writing and Collaboration Using Office 365 Room 451 Pull Your Selfie Together! Camera Activities for Speaking & Listening Room 301 Teacher Authored Textbooks Room 360 That's Genius! Room 331 The Chromebook Writing Studio Room 450 The Digital Classroom at the Massachusetts Historical Society Room 401 TOSA Time! Get together and collaborate with your fellow TOSAs Room 431 Transitioning to a Blended Environment Room 302 Unlocking the Potential of Minecraft for Teaching and Learning Room 303 Using Gamification with Classroom Management Room 310 Using Google Forms for Assessments Room 311 Why should I have my students create videos? Room 340

9:30am PST

The Playground Media Center Are You Indispensable - Creating a Culture of Innovation Room 351 Changing Classroom Climate with Growth Mindset Room 320 Connecting Classes Through Digital Learning Experiences Room 322 Digital Differentiation for Struggling Learners Room 460 Don't Just Use Google Forms - Put Them To Work! Room 331 Google Classroom: The Basics and Beyond Room 330 Got Research Rage? Room 360 Hybrid and Blended Learning in an Collaborative and Agile Environment Room 450 Linked Learning: Turning Cacophony into Harmony Room 441 Mayan Genius Bar: A Student-Led Help Desk Room 431 Meaningful Technology in the Math Classroom Room 430 Office365 and Sway on your iPad Room 421 Passion Project with emphasis Transformational Technology Room 321 Run the Amazing Race with Google Apps Room 461 SAMR - Transformation with GAFE Room 323 Shortcuts, Hacks, and Time Savers Room 440 Spheros, and Drones, and Robots! Oh my! Room 361 The HyperDuino: Where Making Meets Media Room 340 Throw away the dioramas and mobiles! Enhancing science models with technology Room 311 Video Killed the Lecture Star - Video Tools for Teachers without Video Skills Room 341 Why I Broke My Own Classroom (And Why You Should Break Yours, Too) Room 451 Why Should My Students Be Coding and How Do I Make it Happen? Room 350 A Game of Forms: Utilizing Google Forms for Maximum Student Engagement Room 300 Coding in the Primary Grades with Bee Bots Room 411 Digital Reader’s Notebooks Room 302 Integrating Technology in a Dual Language or Bilingual Classroom Room 310 Jump into Design Thinking! Room 412 Sketchnotes Are For Everyone! Room 301 Tech in Science: Let's Collaborate, Make and Take TECH you can use today Room 401 Visual Literacy in the Classroom Room 413 WeVideo for Everyone! Room 400 What's a Green Screen Good For? Room 303

10:30am PST

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12:30pm PST

The Playground Media Center 'I Cannot Tell a Lie' Digital Resources for Teachers & Students at Mount Vernon Room 350 4E's - Exciting Extensions for Excellent Educators Room 323 Build and Exemplify 21st Century Skills Room 460 Chromebook 101 Room 330 Computer Programming in the Classroom Room 340 Designing a Blended Learning Environment for the Edges Room 361 Giving Students a Voice and Choice Room 450 Going Global with Google Hangouts Room 351 Google Forms: Paperless Ways to Take Your Class to a New Level & Save Time! Room 321 How do we create a Culture of Innovation? Room 441 Model what you want to see...How to run staff PD like your an ed-techie Room 431 Picture This: Enhancing Student Projects Through Photography Room 311 Project-Based Learning for District Schools Room 331 TACKK: You & Your Students Can Easily Create Great-Looking Webpages! Room 451 Teaching AP Calculus Using Flipped Classroom Room 360 The Dirty Dozen: When Math and Tech Collide Room 320 The Dynamic Duo: Making history KABOOM! with the POWer of technology Room 341 Transforming from Predictable to Powerful with One ipad Room 421 Uncommon at the Core: Google Tools for More Meaningful Student Experiences Room 322 Using Simulations in the Science Classroom Room 430 Which one doesn’t belong? Jumpstart student writing with impostor sets Room 440 3D Printing in the Classroom Room 411 Code to Create on Tablet Devices Room 301 Coding with Kinder (And Beyond!) Room 401 Deeper Learning through Design Thinking Room 310 Gamify your Professional Development with BadgeList Room 420 Learning Activity Rapid Prototyping Room 412 Make your Google Forms Smarter, Upgrade Your Spreadsheet! Room 413 Making and Tinkering: Engineering Literacy Through Research and Writing Room 300 Showdown! The Ultimate Duel Between Google Draw and Thinglink Room 400 Tech Tools for the English Language Arts Classroom Room 302 Video Projects Made Easy Room 303

1:30pm PST

2:20pm PST